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Supply and Installation.....Digital TV + Freeview + Freesat +HD + Sky

We have been supplying and installing tv aerials satellite systems since 1987 and have accumulated a prestigious  client list over the years. If you need a new digital tv or radio aerial, satellite system, satellite dish, LNB or other equipment supplied and installed, please contact us with your requirements.

The Digital Switchover (2012) now completed, will allow for an increase in both Freeview coverage and transmitter power. Ofcom is backing a near-doubling of efficiency by two means. These are firstly through coding squeezing more into the same spectrum by using MPEG4 rather than the current MPEG2. Secondly it is backing a new transmission standard DVB-T2, an update from existing DVB-T, this alone promises to deliver a 30 percent increase in capacity to a multiplex. Together the two moves increase the capacity of a multiplex by 60 percent.

Service Repairs and Maintenance.....

If you have a tv aerial or satellite system installed and you are unhappy with the range of channels, the quality of reception sound or picture, we can provide a complete system diagnostic to fault find and fix your system.

If any part of your system has failed we can repair, realign, or replace it for you. We are able to service, repair or upgrade all aerials, satellite dishes, LNB's, and fault  installations or out dated equipment.

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